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Our boy is 4

August 6, 2012

This weekend our not-so-baby boy turned 4 years old.  He invited a couple of his best friends over to our house for a backyard splash bash.  Despite a few raindrops, everyone seemed to have a great time.  The birthday boy smashed a pinata in a couple of swings, we played pin the tail on the octopus, made visors at the craft table, and had a lot of fun soaking each other in our homemade dunk tank.  Happy birthday G!

Happy Mother’s Day to one of our favorite mommas!  We love you!

When I asked the boys to take a photo for their momma for Mother’s Day, they were both super excited to do it.  G ran inside and put on his “church shirt” before I even told him it was time to get ready.

Easter Baby

April 22, 2012

Sometimes it can take me weeks to get photos off my camera.  I guess it didn’t help that I was suffering from some kind of salmonella poisoning over Easter this year.  Anyway, here’s baby C in his Easter getup.

Welcome Baby Johnny

May 24, 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve found any time to post some photos, but with the arrival of “Baby Johnny” aka “Crocodile Babe” on Monday, it might be time to get things fired up again. Here’s one of our two boys together.

One last picture from our G’s-turning-one birthday park session.  Shutter Momma took this one…it’s definitely one of my favorite shots of G-Money to date.  It captures so much of his personality.  Thirteen months old and he’s all the way a toddler.  And yes, babydom and toddlerhood are both words.

daddy and his boy

Shooting G at one year old

September 3, 2009

In honor of G’s one year birthday, we decided a photo session was in order.  Typically we bust out the camera at various times around the house to capture moments in our boy’s life.  But since first birthdays only come around once, we took G to a local park with the sole intention of having fun and taking pictures.  Here are some of my favorites.  While we indeed took these photos back on August 6th, as is often the case, life got busy and they sat on the proverbial electronic shelf until now.  So without further delay, here he is, G at one:

toddler in tunnel

toddler and his momma on the jungle gym bridge

toddler walking on jungle gym

pensive boy and his momma

Momma captured this one:

boy portrait by chain ladder

boy and his momma

boy and his momma on the slide

toddler on swing

boy laughing on swing

toddler and momma swinging

We had G’s first birthday party on Saturday.  In the morning, it was looking like the weather was not going to be the greatest, but it turned out to be a gorgeous afternoon.

Here are a couple from the festivities.




By the time we got around to singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and eating cake, the little guy was getting worn out.


His actual birthday was Wednesday, so we decided to give him another go at eating his cupcake.  This time, he was a much happier boy.







Happy 1st  Birthday Buddy Boy!

Baby G is One!!

August 5, 2009

One year ago today we welcomed baby G into the world.  I can’t begin to describe how incredibly FAST it has all gone.  It seems like just yesterday we were changing poopy diapers…oh wait, we’re still changing poopy diapers.  In any case, our G-Man is definitely much more of little boy now than he is a little baby.

Here’s one of G-money decked out in his birthday outfit from Saturday’s birthday blowout bash.  Don’t worry grandmas and grandpas, we’ll post some shortly where he’s actually smiling.  Note for mommy and daddy next year:  serve the cake before G’s normal bedtime.