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Our boy is 4

August 6, 2012

This weekend our not-so-baby boy turned 4 years old.  He invited a couple of his best friends over to our house for a backyard splash bash.  Despite a few raindrops, everyone seemed to have a great time.  The birthday boy smashed a pinata in a couple of swings, we played pin the tail on the octopus, made visors at the craft table, and had a lot of fun soaking each other in our homemade dunk tank.  Happy birthday G!

Guy’s Week

May 15, 2012

Daddy got to stay home with the boys a couple of weeks ago in a sort of delayed paternity leave.  We did lots of fun things together.  One day we tried to have a guy’s “spa day” including haircuts, nail trimming, hot towels on our faces, etc, but both boys lost interest after the haircuts.  Collectively we decided playing outside was way more fun.

I left C inside for 2 minutes so I could hook up the pump on the rain barrel system.  Leaving him with a pile of strawberries while he was sporting his white onsie was probably not the best idea.


Happy Mother’s Day to one of our favorite mommas!  We love you!

When I asked the boys to take a photo for their momma for Mother’s Day, they were both super excited to do it.  G ran inside and put on his “church shirt” before I even told him it was time to get ready.

Easter Baby

April 22, 2012

Sometimes it can take me weeks to get photos off my camera.  I guess it didn’t help that I was suffering from some kind of salmonella poisoning over Easter this year.  Anyway, here’s baby C in his Easter getup.

First day of school

August 29, 2011

We got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, took a photo, and made it to the first day of school on time.  And most importantly, we didn’t have to change any clothes because of spit up.  Overall it was a resounding success.

our boys

July 22, 2011

Relaxing yesterday morning on mommy and daddy’s bed.

2 weeks

June 6, 2011

Mini C had his 2 week doctor appointment today and has gained nearly 2 pounds since leaving the hospital!  We knew he loved to eat, but we didn’t know how quickly he could pack on the pounds.  He’s well on his way to becoming starting linebacker for UW.

Here’s one from his week-old portrait session.

Looking through the archives I found these gardening pictures from back in May.  The G-Man cultivated an awesome garden this year, complete with corn, broccoli, pickles, peas, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers.  We’re already planning the garden layout for next year, including our 275 gallon rainwater watering system.  Next year’s growing season can’t get here fast enough.  If only there were vegetables we could grow in the snow.

The good thing about being 6 months behind in blogging photos of our boy…his April clothes look a lot like his October clothes.  The bad thing…he barely looks like this anymore.  Here he is a few weeks after we set up his new playset in the backyard.

Slowly but surely, we’ve actually been having a fairly nice spring here in Wisconsin.  We even found a few days to sit out and have dinner on the back patio…G-Money in his short-sleeves, swimming trunks, and Sponge Bob camp chair seemed to provide a nice slice of life I’m glad we got captured.  Momma had him laughing hysterically at her antics.