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Our Day at the Petting Farm

November 14, 2011

When I found there was a vimeo app for our TV, I became interested in creating more videos of our adventures since it’s now so easy to watch them from our couch. And playing them on the TV is guaranteed to keep the G-Man interested for at least 4 minutes.  Here’s one from our day at the petting farm.

Music: “The Littlest Birds” by The Be Good Tanyas

That was our time in the 2010 edition of the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis from today. We didn’t exactly come back to an empty gymnasium with a lone janitor sweeping the floor, but it was close.  The problem was that G-Man mistakenly thought it was called the Jingle Bell “momma, carry me” for Arthritis.  Here’s the crew that braved the slippery conditions and successfully completed the 5K.

This past week, we continued our tradition of freaking out the G man by taking him to visit the odd-ball costumed character representative of the impending holiday.  In this case, of course, it was the Easter Bunny.  These photos were taken of G getting as close as he was going to get to the admittedly weird-looking looking bunny.  It didn’t help that he was also freaked out by the clown outside who was handing out balloons, requiring him to keep one eye on the bunny and one eye on the clown at all times.

He did have a bit more fun at the Menomonee Falls Easter Egg Hunt, scoring some good treats, and mini container of bubbles.

G got some much needed R&R by spending a long weekend with each of his grandparents.  Mommy and daddy seized the opportunity to be kid-less for a few days and promptly fled the country.  As G-Money puts it…”mommy and daddy went to Mex-ee-co!”

Mommy and daddy soaked in a lot of sun…

We spent a lot of time taking in the beautiful grounds at the Valentin Imperial Maya.

Lots of time eating some wonderful food.

And of course, lots of time getting some much needed sleep.

Thanks again grandmas and grandpas for taking such wonderful care of our boy.  He had a blast and can’t wait for his next sleep-over vacations at your houses!

Daddy’s last attempt at giving G-Money an at-home haircut was less than stellar.  The left side got a little crooked, and before daddy had time to fix it, mommy confiscated the scissors.  As anyone with a one-year old knows, cutting hair that’s constantly in motion is no small feat.  So it was time to call in the professionals.

Here’s G’s before shot…a bit long and a little crooked.

01 - g in need of a haircut

He’s not really sure what to think when things got started.

02 - gs first haircut

03 - gs first haircut

04 - gs first haircut

05 - gs first haircut

06 - gs first haircut

07 - gs first haircut

And the after.  Mommy and daddy weren’t sure how it would all play out, but G handled the whole experience like a pro.  His only problem now is fighting off all the ladies.

08 - gs first haircut

Over the New Year’s break, there was one day that daddy and G had free while mommy had to work.  G and I decided to head out for an adventure and spend some time at one of his favorite hangouts–the McDonald’s playland.  We drove a bit to the McD’s in West Bend, where they have perhaps the biggest playland in all of southeastern Wisconsin.  We had a lot of fun that morning, as evidenced in part by the progression of sleepiness documented in the photos below.

toddler at mcdonalds 4

toddler at mcdonalds 2

toddler at mcdonalds 1

toddler at mcdonalds 3

toddler at mcdonalds 5

Mommy had a meeting to attend downtown, so we decided to take the G Man to Discovery World for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.  On the walk from our car, we stopped in front of the art museum for a photo.  It was too cold to do too much posing (and G Money decided not to wear his gloves), so we took what we could get.

P.S. All photos were taken with momma’s Panasonic LX-3.

g at the milwaukee art museum

Momma joined us when her meeting was over.  G had fun showing her the mirrors on the bee hive exhibit.

g and momma at discovery world

g at discovery world

A couple of weekends ago, we went to the GE Kids Holiday Party held out in Waukesha.  The tone was set for the day when we opened the front doors and saw the non-perishable food item collection barrels, and the joyous GE volunteers accepting canned goods for the local food pantry.  Our stomachs sank when we realized we forgot our donation.  There was a monetary collection basket we were able to contribute to, however, so we felt somewhat redeemed.

We then settled into the back of the ballroom stage area to watch the childrens magician perform.  The G man had no interest in the guy’s shtick though, so that bit of entertainment was short lived.

Daddy then said, I know…let’s go visit Santa!  After 45 minutes of standing in line, it was finally our turn.  Upon which we proceeded to snap this gem…  G Money sits for no man in a funny red suit.

young boy crying with santa

Things got marginally better when G was given a mini candy cane from Mrs. Claus and shoved the whole thing in his mouth.  He then proceeded to have the largest volume of drool I’ve ever seen.

young boy by christmas tree

Following which we decided to pick up our free gift and get the heck out of there.  Needless to say, things at the Kids Holiday Party were a bit of a bust (by no fault of the General).  I think we’re going to wait a couple of years until we try again.

our day at the waterpark

November 19, 2009

A week or two ago we were high bidders on a couple of water theme park tickets at our church’s silent auction.  We decided to put the tickets to use last weekend and took little G to Mount Olympus Water and Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells.  As expected, he had a great time splashing around and performing his patented “belly slide” in the kiddie area.  He wasn’t so sure about the adult water slides, however.  He didn’t cry, per se, but the expression on his face suggested, “what in the world are you doing to me with all this super-fast twisting and turning action.”  Here are some photos from the less scary moments of our day.


water baby diptych






The weather was beautiful this past weekend in SE Wisconsin.  It was the kind of weather we seem to have been waiting for all fall.  We took the opportunity to take G out to Oakwood Park.  He had a blast climbing, running, sliding, and playing in the sandbox.  He had the most fun, though, watching all the other kids running around and getting yelled at by their mommies and daddies.

g laughing in the sandbox at oakwood


boy laughing in sandbox

stride rites

How big is G?  Soooo big.

how big is g