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Daddy’s last attempt at giving G-Money an at-home haircut was less than stellar.  The left side got a little crooked, and before daddy had time to fix it, mommy confiscated the scissors.  As anyone with a one-year old knows, cutting hair that’s constantly in motion is no small feat.  So it was time to call in the professionals.

Here’s G’s before shot…a bit long and a little crooked.

01 - g in need of a haircut

He’s not really sure what to think when things got started.

02 - gs first haircut

03 - gs first haircut

04 - gs first haircut

05 - gs first haircut

06 - gs first haircut

07 - gs first haircut

And the after.  Mommy and daddy weren’t sure how it would all play out, but G handled the whole experience like a pro.  His only problem now is fighting off all the ladies.

08 - gs first haircut

Over the New Year’s break, there was one day that daddy and G had free while mommy had to work.  G and I decided to head out for an adventure and spend some time at one of his favorite hangouts–the McDonald’s playland.  We drove a bit to the McD’s in West Bend, where they have perhaps the biggest playland in all of southeastern Wisconsin.  We had a lot of fun that morning, as evidenced in part by the progression of sleepiness documented in the photos below.

toddler at mcdonalds 4

toddler at mcdonalds 2

toddler at mcdonalds 1

toddler at mcdonalds 3

toddler at mcdonalds 5