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The outcome was not pretty.

carrot face


February 21, 2009

So last weekend mommy and daddy bit the bullet and decided to let baby G cry when he woke up during the night.  He had been getting progressively worse staying asleep at night, so we decided it was time.  It was a painful two nights.  But it was completely worth it ’cause since then he’s been sleeping wonderfully!

The downside to letting him sleep through the night is that he’s been getting out of his swaddle much more than he used to.  Coupled with the fact that he’s very close to establishing mobility, we decided it was time to lower his crib.  He’s growing up so fast.  One day he’s sleeping through the night and you’re lowering his crib, the next he’s leaving for college.  Perhaps he’s not growing up that fast, but he is starting to take on many more characteristics of a little boy.

Here’s some photos of the proud boy showing off his new, lowered crib.





So we entered 3 photos of baby G in the cutest baby contest.  Below are the three photos we entered.

Just click on the photo you like best, and you’ll be taken to a page to vote for our boy.  Make sure you click the photo you like best, as you’re only allowed to vote for one photo per day.  But stop back each day this week and vote!




Unfortunately, you do have to register at in order to cast your vote.  The competition is open through February 20th, with winners announced on February 23rd.

Stop! Hamper time!

February 14, 2009

Last weekend we decided to take some photos of G-Man playing around in his hamper.  We were able to fire off a few frames but it wasn’t long before he had enough of that game.

I’ve been playing around with a couple of post processing techniques.  I’m not sure what I like yet.  I’ve had the idea that I need to start to define some type of style, to give a certain look to my photos that make them distinctly my own.  The Kaiser’s come to mind…they have a unique look to their photos that make them unmistakably theirs.  Eh, who am I kidding.  I’m still happy with photos I take that don’t suck.  Here are a couple more of our boy.


We liked this one so much I decided to use it for the blog header.


G-Money for Pres. 2044

February 11, 2009

In case things don’t work out with Barack, we’re starting our campaign for 2044.


Click the poster above to create your own Obamicon.

The Associated Press may be alleging copyright infringement on the infamous Obama poster, but ours is 100% G-Money.

We’re having a heat wave

February 8, 2009

We had beautiful weather here in the Midwest this weekend.  OK, beautiful is always relative…but any time we get upper 40′s and lower 50′s in early February we’ll take it.  G-money spent a lot of time outside this weekend enjoying the sun.  It definitely put us in the mood for Spring.

Here he’s spending some time with grandma out on the driveway.  He’s only bundled up in his snowsuit because he just got back from a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood with mom and dad.


So it was momma’s birthday on Saturday, and it’s grandma’s birthday today!  Happy birthday grandma!  We took some photos this weekend to give grandma as a gift.

Here’s the world’s cutest lumberjack, in a hat specially made by grandma.  Grandma always makes the best hats…I really think she should start selling them on etsy.

our lumberjack

Perfect fingers and toes.



We hope you had a wonderful birthday today!  We love you!

Happy Birthday Momma!

February 1, 2009

It was momma’s birthday yesterday, so we had a fun day at home celebrating with her.  It was a very special birthday for her too…it was her golden birthday!  She had to wait a long time to finally celebrate her golden birthday, but I think it was worth it.  We took some pictures with just Baby G and momma…

I love this one…it captures G-Unit’s personality to a T.

G sticking out his tongue

Our happy boy and the birthday girl.  This might be the first toothy smile photo we’ve taken.

Happy Baby G and Momma on her birthday

Momma and G having fun being silly together

G and mommy being silly

Hope you had a fun birthday momma!  We love you!